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The history of Opočno dairy dates back to 1936. It was built in the heart of eastern Bohemia, today’s Hradec Králové region. The dairy processes the best milk of the foothills of Orlické mountains mountains, one of the least polluted areas of the Czech Republic.

Formerly, the dairy was owned by the Netherlands’ NUTRICIA and then Friesland. In June 2005, the company was in a successful transaction sold to BOHEMILK. Since 1st of January 2007 belongs the company BOHEMILK to the InterLacto Group, which consists of dairies in Jihlava, Olešnice and Opočno and of other agricultural subjects.

The main products of our company include fresh and UHT milk, UHT cream, large volume packaging of yoghurts and sour cream, butter and butter/margarine blend. All these products are supplied to the market under the brand name BOHEMILK. The company also produces ice-cream blends under the brand names MIXAR and FREDOMIX. Our product range is completed with dry milks designated for industrial processing by dairy product manufacturers.

The management of the company is convinced that success in business depends on the customer’s satisfaction as to the quality of the products being supplied. For this reason, the management has designed its quality and innocuousness policy as part of the company’s overall strategy. The primary goal of our company is to ensure that all products are supplied in a quality meeting the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers. We desire, in the long term, to safeguard continuity and prosperity of the company, and high efficiency of work that would be to the benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees. In addition to emphasis being placed on the quality of the production process and the final products, this also requires environmental protection and compliance with generally applicable laws and regulations.

Since 2001, we have been the proud holders of the ISO 9001:1994 quality certificate, which we transformed into the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in 2004. Since 2004, we have been holders of the HACCP certificate. In addition, we have obtained a “bio” certificate for our yoghurt production.

In 2009 we have recieved certificate according to the BRC & IFS standards.